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15 million steps in the right direction

Building a global community

We’re building a community that stretches all across the world.

From sports fans and movie buffs to leading businesses, local groups and even other climate action platforms, we’re coming together to make our voices heard and our choices count.

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Make changes that matter

Our 16 Steps have been created by world-leading climate experts using 3 simple criteria - Impact, Influence and Involvement.

So if you’re looking to start making a real difference, these are the 16 steps that count.

Thanks to the UN Environment Programme and Project Drawdown for their support in developing the 16 steps.

Why the 16 steps

How do I get involved?

  • Individuals
    We help individuals identify and commit to practical actions in their everyday lives that make a real difference.

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  • Organizations
    We work with organizations to inspire staff, customers and supporters to put climate action at the heart of everything they do.

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