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Count Us In Employee Challenge

Leading businesses inspiring teams, together

Through the Count Us In Employee Challenge, leading businesses are coming together to inspire and empower their employees, and build momentum for wider transformation. Together, we aim to show what we do matters, and that our individual actions add up to something bigger.

Why join?

  • Tell a collective story of IMPACT
  • Join a growing COMMUNITY of pioneering businesses
  • Access actionable TOOLS & resources

With 32 global organizations participating to date - from Bloomberg, to PwC, to IKEA - the Count Us In Employee Challenge provides a brand umbrella, advisory support and tech solutions (via our platform partners) for employers to effectively engage teams on climate action, accelerating organizational net zero pathways, demonstrating leadership, and delivering additional culture benefits.

A big crowd of Ikea employees
Quote: I want my children and grandchildren to experience the immense beauty of our world