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European Climate Pact

  • Take action for a greener Europe

    You can take practical, everyday steps to live a more sustainable life. These steps have been selected with world-leading climate experts as some of the most impactful and influential ways you can make a real difference.

      Buy what you need and use what you buy.
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      Share a ride, go electric or travel by bike or foot instead.
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      Call on elected officials to speed up climate action for us all.
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      Avoid single-use plastic and recycle right.
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      Upgrade your home to a clean energy plan or install solar.
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      Choose how financial institutions use your money.
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The European Commission Joins the Pact

The ambition to make Europe the first climate neutral continent by 2050 will only be successful if everyone takes action. The European Commission, with its 32,000 staff and offices in each EU country, is leading by example with a Climate Pact pledge to become climate neutral by 2030.

The steps you take with The European Climate Pact add up!

The European Climate Pact is part of Count Us In, a global movement of people and organizations taking high impact steps to address climate change. When you take a step with us, your actions are added to the global aggregator, helping to persuade leaders everywhere to make the big changes we all need to.

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