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    Cyprus has a huge problem with throw-away plastics, but by working together we can change this culture, become more responsible consumers and reduce our climate impact. Here are some steps each of us can take.

Tackling Plastic Pollution in Cyprus

Refill Cyprus was created by Let’s Make Cyprus Green, a non-profit on a mission to combat plastic pollution in our community. We carry out beach cleanups and raise awareness of the environmental harm caused by litter and waste. Our motto is “Reduce, Re-use, Recycle” for Cyprus and for the climate.

The steps you take with Let's Make Cyprus Green add up!

Let's Make Cyprus Green is part of Count Us In, a global movement of people and organizations taking high impact steps to address climate change. When you take a step with us, your actions are added to the global aggregator, helping to persuade leaders everywhere to make the big changes we all need to...

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