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Protecting the world's wilderness with #WildForAll

Nature is everywhere, for everyone. But what can we do to conserve its wonders?

According to Wild For All, a collaborative initiative with the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), Freeborne Impact, and Higher Ground, powered by Count Us In, we can do quite a lot. Some actions may be small and some bigger. But, whatever we choose to do, the impact we can make when we act collectively will be incredibly important.
Launched in conjunction with the Netflix series Our Great National Parks, a five-part documentary narrated by President Barack Obama, Wild For All seeks to encourage everyone to experience the wonders of nature, and to take steps to protect the world’s wildlife and wild spaces—not only in faraway places, but in the everyday wild at our doorsteps too.
Nature isn’t something that only happens on the other side of the world. It’s all around us. It is us. That’s easy to forget, and sometimes we need reminding. That’s why Wild For All welcomes and invites everyone to interact with wild spaces that are nearby (or a trip away) as the first step towards protecting our precious world for generations to come…and it can also be fun!

"We got to see penguins! And learn about all the amazing work the folks at the African Penguin and Seabird Sanctuary are doing to protect these amazing animals. The kids LOVED it - what a treat."

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Count Us In supported WCS with the creative development and strategic thinking of Wild For All and we brought our partners from JouleBug to provide a gamified platform to underpin the campaign.

When people sign up for challenges on, they’re invited to explore nature’s wonders—some so close they’re right outside their homes. As part of the challenge, people learn simple steps they can take every day to help protect nature and wild spaces, and, when they share the steps they're taking on the platform, they get to compete for wild prizes.

If our invitation to join #WildForAll isn’t compelling on its own, perhaps President Obama’s might help?

An invitation from President Barack Obama