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We put climate action at the heart of everything we do.

We partner with some of the world’s leading brands and organizations to inspire their audiences and supporters to take action through world-class storytelling, powerful insights and trailblazing impact campaigns.

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Research-based insights for effective public climate engagement. With our partners at Rare, we produce data-backed insights for effective climate engagement.

We make our research publicly available so anyone who sees themselves as part of the solution can increase the effectiveness and impact of their climate initiatives.

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Climate action is taking off. With culture it can reach the moon.

The world’s biggest football-climate takeover

Imagine a world where the passion we have for sports fuels our fight against climate change. Picture vibrant stadiums where fans passionately support climate action, just like they do for their favorite teams. Green Football Weekend 2023 made this vision a reality, bringing together 80+ of the UK’s football clubs, rival sport broadcasters and the country’s footballing community to tackle climate change head-on.

Count Us In campaigns: Green Football Weekend

Driving effective climate action with Netflix

A good TV show or film can inspire us (and millions globally) to do something about climate change...but what action we should take isn’t always clear.

We partnered with Netflix to support title teams, (including Sir David Attenborough’s Breaking Boundaries, 2022 blockbuster Don’t Look Up, and Barack Obama’s Our Great National Parks) in the development of impact campaigns that drive effective climate action.

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Bridging the say-do gap with Unilever

We're building a powerful coalition in partnership with Unilever, the United Nations Environment Programme, Rare, Futerra, and an independent Creator Council to create an industry-wide solution that will bring together social media content creators, non-profits and brands to accelerate engaging, science-backed sustainability content to normalize and encourage more sustainable lifestyles.

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It takes everyone

We harness the power of people's passions and interests reaching them through sport, entertainment and the brands they consume.

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How your organization can get started

From behavioral insights and data-backed research to expert campaign advisory and collaborative networks, we’re here to help organizations inspire their audiences to take effective action.

Create your own climate campaign

Whether you’ve got an audience of millions or a large engaged community, we’d love to help you help them to take action that counts. We have a growing network of partners - from exciting family competitions to immersive digital platforms APPs.

Count Us In: Wild for All and Lewis Pugh Campaigns

Rare x Count Us In: Insights

We aspire to lead in driving individual climate action and widely share data & research-based insights for effective public climate engagement, so that others may do the same.