Count Us In

Pledge for People and Planet

Our voices and actions make a difference.

All around the world people like you are taking action to protect what they love from climate change. We really can do something positive about the health of our planet, and our actions are magnified powerfully when we all work together.


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Today, I pledge to use my individual power for the benefit of people and planet, starting by talking about climate change and sharing the positive steps we can all take for our planet.

The Principles

The Pledge for People and Planet is based on and inspired by the following principles:

1 INSPIRE, INFORM, ENGAGE To spread the message and help build understanding, so that everybody knows what steps they too can take to fight climate change.

2 EMPOWERMENT To take urgent action in my own way to help reduce carbon pollution, so that we can all breathe cleaner, cooler air.

3 EVIDENCE-BASED ACTION To follow the best-available science, because evidence-based actions can most effectively ensure a sustainable future for all.

4 TRANSPARENCY & ACCOUNTABILITY To push for transparency and accountability in government and business, because both bottom-up and top-down action is needed to succeed in driving wider systems change.

5 SUSTAINABILITY MINDSET To minimize waste and maximize the reuse and recycling of materials, because by doing both can we reduce our impact on the planet.

6 CONSCIOUS CONSUMPTION To care about who and what I support with my money, because it directly and indirectly shapes the world we live in and helps determine the future of our planet.

7 INNOVATION To support innovation and technology that respect the natural environment, because this is the only way to make our cities, infrastructure and economies sustainable.

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