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do counts

Count Us In believes in the power of all of us—individually and together—to reshape the story of how we live in the world.

Our story


Our groundbreaking, collaborative campaigns have already inspired millions of people to take climate and nature-positive action. We work with behavioral, climate and nature experts to put research into practice, co-delivering innovative campaigns and insights alongside culture-making organizations, brands and communities.

Our mission in this critical decade for Climate and Nature is to inspire non-activist audiences to take practical everyday steps that when aggregated, will make a significant impact in reducing carbon pollution and challenge leaders to act boldly to deliver global systems change.

We believe that success will only come when the mainstream of society is fully engaged. Our focus is to normalize climate and nature-positive action by inspiring people through the cultural expressions they already follow and love.

Our Team

Eric Levine

Co-Lead and Founder

Justin Forsyth

Co-Lead and Founder

Arpita Gokhale

Business Strategy and Operations

Brandon Schauer

Data Management and Insights Development

Ipsita Bhatia

Director, ​​Business Engagement

Sarah Jacobs

Director, Green Football Weekend

Lizzie Ball

Director of Finance and Operations

Jennifer Greenway

Legal and Risk Director

Sam Pollard

Communications Manager

Genevieve Margrett

Director, Entertainment and Culture

Margherita Pisoni

Project Coordinator, Business Engagement

Our Board

Carolyn Maddox


Nigel Topping


Kené Umeasiegbu


Marcus Lyon


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