Sounds Right

Officially recognizing NATURE as an artist

NATURE’s music is already out there in the world – we listen to it and appreciate her sounds everyday…So why not treat her as the artist she is? Sounds Right is a new initiative to recognize the value of nature, prompt conversation, raise funds for conservation through an innovative mechanism, and inspire millions of music fans to take action to protect the natural world.

With Sounds Right, NATURE is being registered as an artist on various music streaming platforms, owning rights to its own sounds. By simply listening to a Sounds Right track – pure nature sounds, or A-List hit songs and original productions that feature NATURE – fans and music lovers will directly protect the environment through a portion of royalties being disbursed to high-impact conservation initiatives. Additionally, Sounds Right works with artists to encourage millions of listeners to take further actions to conserve nature – from donating money to support conservation initiatives, to supporting biomonitoring efforts by recording the dawn chorus on their phones, to and adopting nature-friendly behaviors in their daily lives around food, fashion and savings, curated and framed by Count Us In and Rare.

Count Us In is a founding partner in the coalition-led effort which includes the Museum for the United Nations – UN Live, Earth Percent, The Listening Planet, VozTerra, Earthrise, Music Declares Emergency, Rare and more. Sounds Right aims to engage 600 million people across the globe and raise $40 million dollars for nature conservation. Its ultimate goal – to grow beyond streaming platforms into an unstoppable music movement to safeguard nature and our planet.

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